Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Camp Greenville

Last week was crazy and insane for several reasons, but mostly because we took 125 7th graders to Camp Greenville (in the woods near Pretty Place) and did ecology lessons, rotations, and just had fun for three straight days. Lack of sleep and lots of middle school drama speckled the trip, but overall it was a super fun time! 

We headed out on Wednesday morning. Please note that I made it 90% of the ride without getting sick (oops). 

The first day, several activity groups got to zip line! The kids were broken up into 7 groups and they rotated throughout ziplining and archery (the fun ones), animal adaptations, alive or dead, wilderness skills, and a nature hike (the learning ones). Mr. Achee and I got to float and go to all of the different adventures throughout the three days.

I hung with these girls as they ziplined! Too bad I couldn't participate this year.

At the zip line activity, we got caught in a STORM! Like...insane rain where we ran for the gym and got soaked. Then, the power went out and it hailed for about 45 minutes. Crazy! Totally a flash thunderstorm for sure.

We made the best of it and played dodgeball and hung out.

Wednesday night, we took a night hike to Pretty Place. It was a great time, as many of our kids had never been there before and were in awe of the mountains!

My cabin girls were totally crazy!

I went to animal adaptations on Thursday and got to play with a snake!!!

Mr. Achee and I joined this group on the hike! It was beautiful and not too strenuous, even for this preggo.

Lots of porch sitting, eating, and just hanging out ended our trip. Aside from some drama (#middleschool), we had THE BEST week! I so loved getting to see these kids in their element and take a few days to just HAVE FUN!

WOO HOO for Middle School and WOO HOO for Camp Greenville!

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