Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Favorites-Dressing Up

We had such a fun week this week dressing up to help celebrate Beta Survivor Week. It takes a lot to stay in Beta Club--good grades, service, and attitude. 

Dressing up (slash dressing down) is my FAVORITE. 

Each day had a different theme! We dressed up as our favorite holiday. Christmas PJs for the win! 

My FAVORITE day was over/under day! I dressed over 80. Hopefully I look this spry 43 years from now! 

Fashion Disaster was fun! We dressed crazy!!! I had a friend say "you don't look tacky at all!" Oh my!

Crayon day was easy, but fun. ☺️

I love love getting dressed up and doing all sorts of fun things. We enjoy being crazy and hanging out with these kiddos all while celebrating how awesome they are! Times with these teacher friends and students are my FAVORITE! 

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