Thursday, February 11, 2016

Friday Favorites--Basketball

If you've followed me for any length of time, you know I loooove basketball. I've loved basketball forever, but it has become more special as I've gotten to watch this girl grow in the sport. 

This season was rough in many ways. Mack was playing with her basketball besties (who we've followed around for 6+ years with school and travel ball). A sweet friend and teammate missed most of the season from an injury and a coaching change took some adjusting-to. We didn't have many "W"s this year, but these girls played with heart and love. 

Cheering on the Mustangs is my FAVORITE and Mustang basketball is my FAVORITE FAVORITE. 

This season, I've been given the opportunity to keep the boys book for away games. My teacher neighbor and friend does the home games. Working with these friends has been my FAVORITE. 

Last night was senior night for a precious group of girls. They have been playing with Mack for many years and we've watched them grow up in the game. I love them and will miss them so much! 

They designed a special play for Taylor, who was injured, to go in and shoot a layup. It was precious. 

I cried like a baby. Lol. These girls and this sport has been my FAVORITE. 

LOVE it!!! 

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