Thursday, January 14, 2016

Late nights and a long week

My weekend began with a 1:07 am text that our newest nephew was born. And I think that may be the earliest I've been to bed since!

Saturday was full of building a set for our Middle School Beta Club's Living Literature. They performed today. It was awesome:

I felt super crummy that night and took some cough syrup. I sort of forgot in my sickly state that some ingredients in that particular brand literally keep me WIDE awake. So, I enjoyed my evening of staring at the ceiling and, at least, not coughing. 

Sunday was a long and busy day that ended late due to not taking cough syrup that night and....keeping myself and moose up coughing. A blogger-friend calls herself Hazel (the 80 year old self) when she is visited by the crud. I felt like Hazel. 

Then came Monday. 

My tigers were in the national championship game!!!!! We didn't win, but it was an excellent game. Go Tigers!!! 

And the week went on as such. Tuesday was a late basketball game. Wednesday was church and dinner. 

And in the in-between, a lot of this has been happening. I'll just leave this here:

Sometimes, we live full lives. Sometimes we get busy. But I wouldn't trade it! That's it for today. No words of wisdom, nothing too exciting. 

Just some encouragement that if you're burning that midnight oil this week, you haven't been alone!!! 

I'm grateful for a long weekend to recoup and recover so we can do it all again! 

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