Wednesday, January 6, 2016

If you give a Megan a project...

it may turn into an epic scheme!

When we arrived home from our vacation, I decided to take our Christmas decorations down on that day! So began that crazy task.... I got about 3/4 of the way done and went into my guest bedroom to find this:

Major problem! That is all of my the floor.

I had been griping to Moose about my closet for a long time, however. It is 60" long but only has a 30" door, so you can see the issue--super annoying--as the right side of the closet is basically blocked form view. So, I asked Moose if I could take this misfortune and turn it into a repurposing project! He told me I could do whatever I wanted since it was my closet (grin) but that I had to get rid of 20% of my clothes to do it (grin twice). I then did what any wise adult would do...I called my mom :)

She came over and we measured and then made a trip to the hardware store. I only had to buy a new rod (and yes, I bought a steel one this time) and two rod-hangers (the little round things you screw into a wall to hold closet rods). I had an existing bookshelf I knew I could use and was able to trim down the broken rod to make two smaller ones.

My idea was to make sort of a walk-in closet feel in my closet. I trimmed the broken rod down into two smaller ones and hung them width-wise in the right side of my closet. So, when I step into the closet and turn right, I see my shirts on top and the pants on the bottom. I hung the new steel rod in the existing rod-holders for dresses. I then put the bookshelf in the left side of my closet. I have a shoe rack on the door that I left.

After going through WAYYYYY more than 20% of my clothes and shoes, I filled the closet back up. Bear in mind that I have been basically the same size since 9th or 10th grade, so some of the "precious" clothing I parted with had been with me for 12 years, 7 moves, and lots of memories!!!

This is my final product:
You can't see the right side door and the scarves are sort of bulky in the way, but to the right are two rods with clothes going perpendicular to the dresses. 
I just love it!

Because of how fresh, tidy, and inviting it looked, I was inspired to clean out all of the clothes I owned. The next day, I got after it like crazy!
Drawers and my wardrobe were condensed piece by piece. Y'all when it was all said and done, I donated over 150 items. I can't believe I was that much of a clothes hoarder!!!!

I decided it is because I have been the same size for so long that I just keep adding a few cheap, donated, gift, or signature pieces every year and got wayyyyyy out of hand! I feel so much better about what I kept and I can actually see everything I own now, which is a huge plus. I probably will make it a goal to do a realistic purge twice a year now so that it does not get this ridiculous again!

So, maybe I gave you some motivation to get rid of that pair of jeans you have been holding on to for the past ten years or that high school t-shirt that is ragged and holey! 

Go forth and organize!


  1. I will never get rid of that high school tshirt!! I actually was going through some items that were in our office (and have been there since move in over a year ago) over the weekend and saw a tshirt from my high school soccer team and had a brief thought of getting rid of it before I put it right back where I found it. I'm just not ready yet.

  2. Girl! I kept some really sentimental ones! My original IPTAY shirt, a couple High School ones, a honeymoon souvenir, our Freshman Bible Study shirt. Just not like 12 of each! Hahaha