Sunday, September 21, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014. Playing Catch Up. Weeks 34-35

Just because my pictures haven't shown up on the blog in about a month doesn't mean I haven't been taking them! You're about to experience a #SavilleLife overload! Get ready for it, blog world!

Day 229: Dedicated our preschool playground to sweet Mrs. Patsy this morning She has always been so impactful in the lives of students. I pray I, along with many other teachers and students, can be just as impactful this year. 

Day 230: First day of school selfie! From 6th grade to XC practice to the mortuary and finally to do a grad school assignment--it was a full day of exciting first day things!

Day 231: Just look at this clean and organized desk! I wish I could say the same for my house...

 Day 232: Oh, you know. Just chillin' in a bouncy house at church! It's my life :)

Day 233: ...and this was just from one day! Boy, it has been super hot after school, but I love running with the XC team.

Day 234: Dessert! Love a QT Slushie and quality time spent with friends!

Day 235: Had such a fun time celebrating Lindsey! Couldn't wait for the wedding. And yes, these pictures are of me wayyyy up high on a ropes course.

Day 236: Fantasy draft day! Love some fantasy football with friends.

Day 237: Getting ready for the best season-football season!

Day 238: Apparently, it was national dog day! Here's to the crazy fellow I'm happy to have in my family (on most days). Love Moxie!

Day 239: Palmetto Middle School iPad rollout was a success, albeit a little chaotic!

Day 240: This was one for the books! Grateful for my husband on this day who helped me attack the infestation that has been a struggle in my car. My arms and legs are covered in ant bites...all from the inside of my car!

 Day 241: PHS selfie at the start line for Midnight Flight 5k. I love these people so much. They're great kids!

Day 242: It's a football watching kind of Saturday!

I'll try to do better at keeping up for the remainder of the year, but you can always keep up with me on Instagram @1988megan!

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