Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Charleston Wedding

My sweet college friend Lindsey got married on Saturday. It was such a fun time to catch up with her and see her and Anthony's love for one another and for Christ on display. 

Moose left work early on Friday so we could beat traffic and make the rehearsal and dinner on time. It was a good thing we did, too, because another bridesmaid left just an hour after we did from the upstate and didn't make it. :(

Linds and me at the rehearsal. 

The dinner was at RB's. Yum-o! It was so neat to hear Lindsey and Anthony's friends and family from all different stages affirm their growth in love for The Lord and one another. I'm so proud of this girl. 

On Saturday, Moose and I had a lazy morning of watching American Ninja Warrior at the hotel until it was time for me to meet up with the bridal party. 
Selfie time after makeup. 

Alex and I were the Clemson friend bridesmaids! Love this girl. 

Right after she put her dress on. So beautiful!

The wedding was so sweet and Lindsey's nieces and nephew ALMOST stole the show completely. ;) they were awesome flower girls and ring bearer-bribed only by purple M & Ms and prizes galore! We had a neat time of worship during the ceremony and the Gospel was definitely the center of the ceremony. 

The reception was in a beautiful venue directly under the bridge. A Lindsey wedding would not be complete without her favorites-boiled peanuts, cheer wine, shag dancing, Krispy Kreme, family and friends. Everything went so smoothly and everyone had a great time dancing and enjoying their donuts and Cheerwine. 
Selfie under the bridge. 

Also. I promise my husband was at this wedding. We even had a cute picture taken. However, the photographer (and one of Lindsey's Charleston roommates) took it on her real camera, so at the moment I don't have evidence. 

We had to scoot out a little early from the reception, as we were heading home through Columbia and Carolina was in the 4th quarter of an incredibly close game with UGA. We ended up facing a little rain and traffic, but got out in time to beat the worst of it. 

We had a lovely weekend in Charleston and I am so grateful I got to stand by my sweet friend on her special day as she did for me! Then and now:

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