Sunday, August 3, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014. Weeks 30 and 31

I have been conspicuously absent from the blog over the past two weeks because we've been super busy!!! Life has gotten in the way and it's a great thing. We crammed a lot into these last two weeks of summer and I have a lot to tell you about. But first-the Saville life for the past two weeks. 

Week 30--
Day 201: I spent my Sunday evening working on a project! Wardrobe doors = jewelry cabinet. 

Day 202: this, my friends is what procrastination looks like. Online classes are wonderful, but midnight deadlines are temptresses to my procrastinating self!

Day 203: sometimes a 9 pm trip to the clock is the best night cap! 

Day 204: we finished my back yard makeover and started Micah and Chelsea's! 

Day 205: race packet stuffing party. Getting ready for the Color Run!!!

Day 206: palmetto XC hosted our first color run. Over 180 runners, 20 gallons of paint, and 200 white TShirts took on this crazy night. It was a blast...literally. 

Day 207: lots of driving, a quick beach time, kayak practice, a yummy rest area OJ make for a great first day of vacation!

Week 31---
Day 208: A porch swing bed, a new book, a Victorian house, and a rainy Sunday afternoon = happy. 

Day 209: greyhound races in Daytona. #herecomeslucky

Day 210: super fun day out and about in Daytona. 

Day 211: seafood with my crazy family! 
Bonus-we then ALL played putt putt:

Day 212: had so much fun at Seaworld with my favorite people! 

Day 213: last night of Vacation. Wonderful week in Florida!!!

Day 214: home. 💚

Stay tuned for lots of recap posts coming up this week!!!

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