Sunday, August 17, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014. Week 33

Day 222: got to hang out with these and the silly youth as we played the real life game of Clue!

Day 223: we had a goodbye party for Christina at work this day. I didn't work with her for long, but she was such a joy to work with!

Day 224: ...and they said this road wasn't hilly! Cross Country practice is in full force! 

Day 225: Selfie practice with these girls. Love my people. 

Day 226: I thought I would scrounge around for food at home, but nothing suited my fancy. I dragged Moose to Hardee's at 9:45 and got this bag. They must know this girl's eating habits!!

Day 227: got to play teacher today as I began my short long-term sub! Mrs. Williams' room is read to go!

Day 228: cleaned out and organized my fridge door. I realized my husband has a major hot sauce problem! I mean a whole shelf?!? But, it was pointed out that we both have a condiment issue. We like our sauces. ;)

It's back to school for me tomorrow! Taking classes and doing a long term sub! Hopefully, my blogging regime will get back on track with my schedule adjustment! 

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