Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An update for update's sake

So this week has been, what I consider, one of the top 5 most boring weeks of all time. A monsoon hit Perth last weekend in which we got 6 inches of rain and winds up to 60mph. So I couldn't really do anything fun and exciting. So I was here this weekend, doing nothing, with 3 tv channels. So as you can imagine pure boredom ensued. Today is probably the first day in a week that we have good weather, so to celebrate I'm going out to diner tonight is downtown perth, so that should be fun. Tomorrow night I am going to dinner with my research group to an authentic Lebanese restaurant, which should be interesting. The website looks good enough so we will see. This weekend I have tickets with my advisor here to go see a footy match, which I can not wait for. I have been told that these are intense in person and I am excited to go. I think I decided today that I'm over Australia for the most part. 8 weeks is a long time to be away from home and I am missing everyone a lot. Only 3.5 more weeks to go, I think I can make it. Anyways I hope to post again this weekend so keep posted.

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  1. We miss you too bud! I'm sorry you are homesick. Just think, when you come home, you will be just in time to meet your neice! :)