Friday, December 31, 2021


 It's New Years Eve...and we are wrapping up our year with some amazing news! 

Our Dossier has been approved by Colombia!!!!

What does this mean?

Back in March, we interviewed several agencies and ultimately (on April 5), we chose and signed an agreement with Children's House International. We then began the process of our Home Study. This was with a second agency (Nightlight, here in SC). The Home Study included interviews with Social Workers, Doctor and Psychologist appointments, as well as gathering quite a few documents! 

Once this was finalized and approved (June), we worked with Children's House International to gather and assemble our Dossier. This Dossier (packet of paperwork) includes things from our history, our Special Needs application, and many investigative type items. All of these items must be notarized and apostilled. An apostille is essentially authentication of our signatures and information, the notary, and the document itself. This is added to an I-800A approval (the approval of FBI fingerprinting, vetting, and US Gov't) and sent to Colombia. 

This paperwork (the Dossier) is translated and then submitted to ICBF (in Colombia) for approval. Once approved, the next step is a referral.

WELLLLLL...Our Dossier has been approved by the US as well as Colombia!!! This is a HUGE step in the process. Celebrate with us as we go in to 2022, and pray with us that we receive a referral in the coming year. 

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