Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Moose

I'm baaa-aack from a blogging hiatus of over a month!

Going back to work, track season gearing up, and balancing all of the things left me needing to take a little break from this outlet. However, I have truly missed it and will have lots of updates for you soon!

Yesterday was Moose's birthday!

Last year, we had a big 30th birthday bash, so this year, we kept it simple!

In the move, Moose had a moment of "over it" and trashed our grill. It was a little rusted and starting to not be as effective as a grill, so we decided to just be done. 

I figured he would want a new grill for summer, so I combined that "need" and birthday and decided to get him a grill. Eva Kate and I set out on an adventure yesterday to find one. We realized that a put-together grill wouldn't fit in my car.  Hmm. We wanted a gas/charcoal combo and tried several stores until we finally found the one we liked.

A man helped us get it down, I shoved it in the car with all of my strength, and then Micah helped me get it out of the car.

Yall. That grill had over 80 bolts and 50 pieces. It was like worse than Ikea furniture!!! I put EK in her play seat and we set off. After several hours, interruptions by a needy 6 month old, and a little assistance from Mackenzie, we did it!!! 

Now we have a nice new grill :) When moose got home, my parents, sisters, and Micah, Chelsea, and Livi came over for dinner and cake. 

It was a low key, but fun birthday.

I sure do love birthdays around here. They give me an opportunity to reflect on the past year and think about how far we have come. Thirty has been a huge year for us. New jobs, new baby, new house, new car...basically all the change. I've loved to watch how Moose has ebbed and flowed with all of the change. I've been blessed with a laid back husband and now a great partner as we parent together. 

I love you Moose! Happy 31!!!

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