Friday, August 5, 2016

July 4th Weekend!

We have had such a busy month that I am just now getting around to blogging about the weekend of the fourth! Oops!

I always try to do something fun for the holiday and this weekend was no exception! We packed a TON of things into the short time. 

Our Sunday School class had a party on Saturday at the Berry's house. We swam, ate and just enjoyed each other's company. Our class tries to do something every few months and we trade out kid-events with kid-less events. This was a kid-event, so there was a lot more wild and crazy going on! 

The Berrys have a zip line in their back yard. It's not too high, so before my mom got there (or AS she was walking down the yard), I had to try!

The kiddos and grown up men played pool games!

And yard games! There is never an outdoor outing where polish darts is not close by (Especially if my brother Micah or our friend Bryan are near). Basically, you throw a frisbee at a glass bottle balancing on top of PVC. You earn points for knocking the bottle down or getting the frisbee past your opponents. It is just as invigorating as it sounds :)

Mack entertaining Weston (or the other way around?)

My turn ended in a nap. I guess I'm not as exciting as she is!

After the Sunday School party, several of us headed to our town's firework display. A lot of us went separately, but ended up at our favorite spot together. I don't really love the fireworks (I pooper), but I enjoy the hanging out time before they begin! Micah and Travis serenaded us with a playlist all about fire as the fireworks popped around us, so that was a fun touch.

Sunday morning, we had our annual patriotic service at church. I really enjoy this service and we love celebrating our freedom in America and freedom in Christ.

Finally (I told you we packed a lot in), on Monday --the actual 4th--we had the Saville family and Roberts family over for Low Country Boil and some fam time! I made it my goal to eat different food all weekend and Friday night we ate out, Saturday's cookout was BBQ, Sunday was Hamburgers/Hotdogs at church, and Monday was Boil. SUCCESS!!!

We had so much fun hanging out with both sides of our family! And again--Polish Darts was played :)

All in all this weekend was a jam-packed, family and friend filled weekend. Totally my favorite kind!
I can't wait to make many more memories like this when Eva Kate is here to join us! Tradition and holidays are just my FAVORITE :)

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