Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Baking up a storm

A couple of weeks ago, Mackenzie was going to enter a cake into our church's pound cake competition. She decided to go for cute-ness and use a "regular" pound cake recipe. Morgan was making a cake at their house and so she decided to come to my house and do it. I told her I would be taking my Sunday afternoon nap and not able to help her ;). I'm napping, I hear "oh no, Megan's gonna be so mad!" Of course I couldn't leave that alone, so I headed to the kitchen and this my friends is what I found. 

She was a little anxious and clearly there was an issue when using the kitchenaid mixer! She is used to a hand mixer and didn't worry too much about putting dry ingredients on top of wet ingredients and then turning the mixer on high. That is CLEARLY a no-no when it comes to the kitchenaid!

I joined her and we persevered before also learning how to clean up the kitchen and mop LOTS of flour off of the floor! haha--good homemaking skills to learn ;)

The finished cake product was quite delicious. She needed one round cake and several cupcakes for her design. We tested a couple of the cupcakes. Yum-o!

Mackenzie colored and whipped some icing in the kitchenaid and iced all of the sides of the cupcakes, as well as several marshmallows.

She put it all together and it looked precious! Great job after the original storm of baking...eek! lol

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