Monday, June 27, 2016

Charleston Mission Trip part two

Don't forget to check out part one here or the full photo album on facebook here.

Lots of rearranging in their Children's building (they're now calling it Kids Cove). We took several "junk" areas and made them functioning resource closets and rooms. 






They worked on anchoring down the Auditorium pews. Yall--what a job! This was hard labor that required belly crawling, a special drill and bit, and precise measurements. 

The infamous wall painting! There are probably 50 pictures of this wall getting painted on the facebook album. It was quite the monster of a task!

 That evening, we split up and half went to do a sports camp at Park Circle. The other half of us passed out VBS fliers at New Beginnings.

While at New Beginnings, Pastor Joe and I got to rescue a lady who had a really scraped up leg and a dead moped (can't make this up). We ended up spending our entire "flier time" helping the lady, but God prevailed in the most unique way, as her son took all of the fliers and handed them out in their small community afterwards.

As a treat, many of us went to enjoy ice cream this evening after our worship/family time! Yum-o.


Wednesday was a day where we had to practice our flexibility skills. Grin! Because an elder at Portside passed away, the funeral, visitation, and meal were scheduled for Wednesday. We really couldn't be at that church at all during the day. Instead, we devoted the whole day to tasks at New Beginnings. We did TONS of yard work and accomplished creating the majority of their VBS props for July! 

That evening, we split up again. Some of us went to the youth/kids services at New Beginnings and the rest went to prayer meeting at Portside. Both were such blessings and glimpses into the life of the local church there. 

We began each morning with personal devotions. The privilege of our hotel being on CSU's campus was plenty of beautiful open space for these devotions.

Thursday was a monster work day of finishing up! We finished the giant wall, finished a lot of yard work, finished the kids building, finished VBS props at New Beginning etc. etc. etc!

We ended Thursday with another sports camp evening at Park Circle and dinner out with our church family :)

Friday was a half work day where we put finishing touches around all of our work. Several church members were able to deliver the community baskets the ladies had made earlier in the week, as well. We also took some "after" pictures and then we just enjoyed our afternoon before our final night of worship and family time!

We got up Saturday morning and headed home from the trip.
A final installment of the Charleston Trip Recap will be coming to the blog Wednesday! This post will have some of my personal take-aways, the trip video (if I can figure out how to link that!), and before/after collages.
We had such a special trip and I am so grateful for it!

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