Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Life Lately-February and March 2016

February came and went with the speed that earns its shortest month title! Oh my gosh. It happened in a blink. Then came March. Y'all. WOW.

So, the past two months have been insanely crazy and full of activity! Track season and Mackenzie deciding to play school soccer on top of regular school, church, and oh, you know, this pregnancy thing have left me whooped.

Here's what we did over the past two months:

Fun school things: spirit week, projects, new pencil sharpeners (grin), and fun!

Basketball wrapped up, track and soccer started

Preschool and Children Valentine and Easter parties, serving fundraiser lunches, a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, B-stud went skating, Women's group studied and built the tabernacle. SO MUCH STUFF!

Hosted PJ's Shower, found out we were having a baby, got a new drive way, switched some furniture around, told people we were having a baby, had lots and lots of family time...and didn't clean our house once ;) Hey--priorities!

That's life lately!

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