Monday, June 1, 2015

Life Lately -- May Edition

I feel like the month of May happened in a literal blink. I look back and we didn't do any crazy exciting things, but it was here and gone in just a matter of minutes. May was fun and full of good things. I am so grateful for springtime and time with family watching sports and hanging out and just being us! We had lots of friend time as well. And then there was work...and lots of it in the month of May. Teachers are ready for a last break before the summer and I was their go-to girl at Palmetto Middle, so I spent many many many days there in the month of May.

So, without further's life lately:

I finally healed from my wisdom tooth surgery (sort of). 

We celebrated with sweet Megan and Sam! Yay for finally being married :)

My sweet mama had a little teacher appreciation dinner. 

We spent lots of time getting into summer mode with friends! Slushies, bonfires, and pool time look a lot like summer. 

We had a final meeting for our Dominican Trip. Both mission trips are in June!!! Woah!

Mom's bangle business took off! It's been crazy fun to see you all support her. 

We went to watch Morgan at state qualifiers...with a little detour on the side of the road due to a tire blow out. 

Rainy track meets. 😁

I was FINALLY all the way healed and could drink from a straw. My friend Heather rejoiced with me on this one! 

I did a quick decor addition to our kitchen. 

...and living room (please ignore the metal chairs and messy laundry room in the background). 

Cross Country conditioning began. Wow!!!! Is it really that time?

I spent lots of days at the middle school. It's one of my FAVORITE places to be. 

Sister rocked out a 12-k trail run (read: climb). 

And my sweet hubby was ordained as a deacon. I'm so proud of the leader and Godly man he has become. 

And that's life lately. June is coming and has promised to be a force. Two mission trips, lots of schoolwork, normal summer stuff, some working, VBS, getting ready for kids's going down!! And I can't wait! Hopefully I'll do better writing in the midst of my chaos in the month of June. 

Until then....

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