Friday, April 3, 2015

Sickly Spring Break

I had a list of approximately 15 things I was going to accomplish. I was ready. This was going to be such a productive week! And let's be honest, spring break is the perfect recharge for the remainder of the school year. I know I don't teach full time, but I sub pretty much daily and I was really excited about the productive and down time.

And then. 

Sister got sick. Like real sick yall. I had a virus from another world, I swear. I spent Monday-Thursday in various rooms of my house sleeping and well, you know. 

I ventured out for two hours on Wednesday morning and had what I think was a relapse because I was sick all over again. Let's just say spring break has not gone as planned on the blogging front or the home front. 

But, no fear. I woke up on this Good Friday (literally) feeling a lot less like I've been hit by a truck and a lot more like I'm ready to do life. So, we are headed to the Saville's for a little pre-Easter fun. 

I've got lots planned for next week, both at home and on the blog, so stick around! 

In the meantime-celebrate and remember the reason for this weekend. 

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