Saturday, February 28, 2015

Will we ever agree?

Furniture. That is the topic up for debate today. When Moose and I got married, I scored a deal on a $200 couch from the Ashley furniture showroom. Then, we inherited a loveseat from my parents and my grandfather gifted us a recliner. That completed our main loving area for years. 

When we moved into our current home, there was a den and formal living room. One of Moose's friends offered us a cute chair/couch set for free, so we took it. That settled our furniture woes for quite awhile. 

Recently, I've been lamenting about couches and chairs and decor. If we're honest, I've been lamenting about a new house and keeping myself content with new decor! Ironically, my mom has had the redecorating fever as well. 

Long story short, mom and dad went to purchase a couch and came home with a whole set for their den. I thought I could be appeased by selling my mismatched den furniture and purchasing their hand-me-down set. So, we made that happen. I sold my couches, my parents got theirs moved in, and Moose and my brother moved mom and dads couches to my house.

Insert crazy girl meltdown. 

Yall, let's just be honest. There are just some random things that set us off emotionally. This was one. The couches didn't look like I had expected them to and the options in my head were as follows: forget it and put my old couches (that I discovered were dirty and had already posted for sale) back in the room, paint the walls a different shade, sell these couches too and buy something new. 

I think the issue was that we had never had anything new. We were grown ups, but had never had grown up furniture. I wanted new. Moose totally didn't get that. Even now, he says "do we have to spend X on furniture? We can go see what they have at the thrift store." Me: "The THRIFT store?!? We are adults. I would like at least one room on the house to include furniture that is ours and only ours." Moose-"okay then." Ha! It's so good that only one of us is over the top emotional and the other is mellow and relaxed. I bet you can't pinpoint which is which! 

So begins the great sofa/loveseat search of 2015. I wanted cozy, but still cute. Something you could nap on, but still had structure. A nice fabric, but one that wouldn't show stains or dog hair. Basically, I wanted to find the perfect investment. I understood that this may be my one shot in several years...and considering it is our first grown up furniture purchase, it was kind of a big deal. 

Mom and I went and the sales lady helped me narrow it down to a few options to show Moose over the weekend. We went back on Saturday and Moose could have literally been on a different planet, but "we" made a decision and made the plunge. On the way home, he said, "Megan, I just don't really care. As long as I can lay on it and watch tv, I don't care if it is new, used, beown, or purple." Well, glad you agreed on a couch with me and "we" picked one out based on your high recommendations. Eek. 

I guess the good news is that we don't have purple couches being delivered this weekend. The even better news is that I will no longer have the desire to cry when I sit in my den. All in all, I consider our furniture agreement a success. ;) 

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