Sunday, November 9, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014. Weeks 43 & 44

Day 292: love spending time with this best friend of mine!

Day 293: so proud of this team and their region performance. Boys 1st, girls 2nd, 4 all region kids, and Micah won Coach of the year! Wow!

Day 294: Morgan battling Mr. Knight in a game at Apptober fest. He won! 

Day 295: an 8 a.m. cupcake and a homework assignment done 5 days early is a Wednesday win for sure!

 Day 296: getting things ready for Friend Day at Calvary. 

Day 297: so proud of my cute look I pulled off that day! All inspired by my new booties. 

Day 298: cheering on our Tigers!

Day 299: had a blast with these friends at friend day! Missed the Meares, though. 

Day 300: had such a fun (and emotional) time at our Cross County Banquet! Excited to wear my cute jacket!

Day 301: just because I haven't done this picture in awhile and because I'm in love with the new fall color on my toes. I love fall...and baths!

Day 302: Fall Festival at Calvary! Too much crazy!!!

Day 303: I could not contain my laughter as Micah and Mrs. Yates lip-synced "Applause" and raised over $100 for Relay for Life. 

Day 304: so grateful for precious friends who helped us get through an incredibly rough day at the Saville house. Some days are meant to be celebrated, and some days are rough. This day was rough, but I'm so grateful that we have people to lean on. God is so good. 

Day 305: waiting for the official results to be posted! While they ran in ├╝ber-cold, crazy conditions, our boys and our girls are headed to state! 

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