Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Celebrate Good Times

This past week was full of fun and festivities to celebrate America and friends and family on the fourth. We spent the fourth with Moose's siblings and their kids, as well as my family. Everyone came to our house for a super fun cookout and a day full of swimming.

We were really bad about pictures, but we got some fun ones.

We swam and ate our hearts content. Sadly, Savilles had to head back to Ga that evening, but it was a great time of hanging out together. Moose's parents couldn't come because they were leaving on a mission trip to Haiti the next morning and they were missed, but we definitely understood their reasoning!

Saturday was a relaxing crazy day of shopping with the family. 

I love my people!!!

That night, we met up with all of our friends (including Micah and Chelsea who returned from their cruise JUST IN TIME) for the Williamston fireworks. Y'all! I was impressed! The fireworks in our town have been timed several years prior to this one and typically range in the 8-12 minute marks. This year's show was 22 minutes. Here are some samples for you:

 My sweet girlfriends. Love these ladies.
 selfie nation!

Awesome fireworks!!!

Sunday was our annual patriotic service at church. I love this service so much! We get to celebrate our freedom in America, and more importantly, our freedom in Christ. Click here for the full album of pictures from this day...or just check out this small sample of what we did:

We ended this super fun holiday weekend by sitting around my parents living room, eating blackberry cobbler for my grandpa's birthday, and playing catch phrase. It's the perfect way to end any weekend in my perspective! I love my people!

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