Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Excuses are everywhere. I did a fitness Friday post a few months ago about excuses. I'm learning that everyone has a pocket full of excuses ready to go. 
Why aren't you participating? Or serving? Or attending? (Especially when it comes to church)
-Because my kids don't want to
-Because my kids are too little
-Because it's too early
-Because it's too late
-It's hard with my schedule 
-I'm learning to say no (this is, in fact, appropriate only if you're already serving in some capacity.......)
-it's not the right time
-I'm too busy

Y'all. The devil wants to feed us with excuses. He is ready, willing, and able to make it hard for you to get to Bible Study or Sunday School or Evening Worship. That's his goal. Using these excuses is simply falling into his trap. 

We are commanded in the Word to fellowship with other Christians in study, in prayer, and in service. If you're letting life (or excuses...or the devil) get in the way of following these commands in your relationship with Christ, you need to adjust. 

It breaks my heart to see 500 faces on Sunday morning, then 90 on Sunday night or 20 for women's Bible study. I'm not saying do it all....but I am saying do something! Is the reason you aren't involved because you truly feel the Lord telling you to step back...or is it just another excuse?

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