Monday, May 12, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014. Week 19

Day 124: the worst part of traveling is unpacking! Hate it so much (I will even confess that some of that laundry is still sitting in the suitcase!!!)

Day 125: so grateful for a lazy evening on the couch! Glad to be at home. 

Day 126: saw this beautiful sunset on the way home. Glad for longer days and ready for summer!

Day 127: some things just say home to me! No judgments!

Day 128: church softball game! Sam and Moose were twinnig with orange Clemson shirts (that did NOT match the blue and red jerseys) and this was the best stalker picture I could get. 

Day 129: bowling with the fam to celebrate Morgan's birthday (which was in April). I just noticed Morg has no shoes on in that nasty bowling alley!!! Also, photo cred goes to Mackenzie! Selfie master herself. :)

Day 130: did some prep for a super fun Mother's Day at Calvary. Printables, giveaways, and procrastination at it's finest on this Saturday night. 

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