Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I (Megan) come from a long line of nostalgic people. In fact, one could even say we are over-tradition-laden. We might even be obsessed! From birthdays to Christmas, vacations to dinnertime routine, we like it the way it has always been. Well, do you know what happens when you get married and start to blend families? Traditions get rocked. Moose and I have officially been married a year + and have been "together" since 2007. During these past few years, I think I have done a pretty good job (HA) letting go of some tradition and allowing to share a little bit....ok, so I have tried. But MAN, it's been hard!

Here are some examples of change and tradition in this little Saville family. 
1. Birthday Week-Moose had no clue that we celebrate birthdays to the MAX! Bless his heart, he wasn't quite ready for my making him sing every time someone ate a piece of cake ;) 
2. Roberts family vacation to Maine. We go every other year. That's just the way it has always been. We have been able to adjust and are hopefully going to be able to do a Saville family vacation on the "maine-off" years.
3. Thanksgiving. Man, this one, has totally been crushed on both sides. We tried the every other year for each family Thanksgiving and still doing my Black Friday Shopping (love!).....BUT, now that I'm Director of Operations at a Chick-fil-A(woohoo)...In A MALL!!! There is no leaving on Thanksgiving weekend. In fact, there's no sleeping...and rarely, time for eating. However, the new tradition of lots of work and adrenaline has worked out alright for the past two years!
and finally...
4. Christmas (OMG)--this is the big one! My family, for as long as I can remember, has had "Christmas Adam" with my Grammy, Christmas Eve at church, Christmas morning with Santa and Papa, and Christmas afternoon with my dad's family. Not much room for sharing, right? These past two Christmases, we have moved Grammy Christmas to the 22nd, Christmas Adam/Eve are now Saville Time, and the Roberts/Santa still share Christmas Day. It makes for lots of traveling, but everyone (including Tradition-Loving Megan) is happy. I couldn't help but think this year, as my SIL is pregnant and my brother is getting married, how these traditions will probably continue to morph and grow...and you know, I'm okay with that...really, I am!

I'm starting to realize that the traditions aren't the big thing. Traditions are the avenues for the big things--Christ, Family, Food.... :)
The Lord is teaching our little family how to adapt and grow and appreciate each day, whether they go the way we want, had planned, or are totally different. We are going to create tradition (because traditions aren't bad things...being grumpy because things change is bad, however) within our family. We are going to continue some traditions. But most of all, we are going to choose to celebrate and appreciate the things that traditions are made for!

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